Athena – International Distribution

Pleased to announce that Athena has been picked up for worldwide distribution by Shorts International. It should be available on iTunes and a raft of other platforms in the next few months.

Unfortunately I’m now unable to post it anywhere online, but there’s a password protected link below for anyone interested in watching it.  Expect a few more announcements in the coming weeks.

Shorts_International_Black and White

Athena – All Done!

I’ve been told good things come to those who are late. So, I’m extremely proud and excited to announce that post-production is finally complete on Athena and we now have a fully formed 10 minute fledgling of a film ready to be released into the infinite abyss of film festivals, online sites and my mother’s kitchen.

In a sense the journey really starts now as we begin the process of festival submissions over the next 12 months in the hope that awards (and perhaps some gold bullion) await at the end of the cycle. In light of some extensive reading and strategic meetings – with myself as the only attendee – we’ll also be releasing the film online simultaneously to maximise exposure and reach, so keep your eyes peeled for a link in the next week.

For all those awaiting pledge related goods via Kickstarter, we should be sending these out by the end of next week, so hopefully the sleepless nights will draw to a close.

Thanks again for all your support as none of this could have been achieved without your generosity!

Speak soon,

Suni xx


Athena Teaser Trailer

In what seems like a never-ending journey of editing, sound mixing and colour correction, we’re all very excited to share this teaser trailer with you.

With the finish line in sight and in reach, the score and final sound mix are lingering like a microscopic mushroom and should be tied up within the next week.

Enjoy the trailer, thank you for all your support and speak soon.

Suni xx

ATHENA – Official Teaser Trailer from Suni Khan on Vimeo.

Athena Post Production Update

We’re inching towards the finish line as we finally have next weekend pencilled in for picture lock – slight delays occurred whilst shooting the second unit footage in Athens but this is now being sifted through and en route for a midweek delivery. Don’t worry, no one was hurt as we captured picturesque shots of the city.

Next on the agenda comes the decibel frenzied world of audio, where we’ll master the sound, add some atmosphere and sound effects where necessary and mix the final piece of music into the pot.

We’re all simmering with excitement about sharing this little odyssey with all of you – hopefully in the next 2 to 3 weeks – and releasing her into the formidable world of film festivals and competitions. Expect more news sometime sooner rather than later.

Goodnight my darlings. xx



Athena Production – Day 1 and 2


We’ve now got 2 days in the can for Athena and completed all the interior scenes. Up next is Birling Gap beach in Eastbourne which regrettably, will then be a wrap – bar the second unit photography in Athens.

Treacherous waters were hurdled as fire alarms, irate neighbours and extras falling ill threatened to disrupt filming, but obstacles aside the shoot has gone swimmingly so far – with really powerful and funny material captured.

From all the cast and crew – who have been outstanding and worked tirelessly through the last 2 days and my endless demands – we wanted to say thanks again to all you Kickstarters who injected this project with life.

Love, Suni

Thanks Kickstarters

Thanks Kickstarters

Athena Teaser Artwork

Happy to announce that we can now share the teaser poster for Athena, courtesy of Michael Partridge’s beautifully decorative artwork. Once production has wrapped we’ll be able to revisit and create a final poster incorporating elements from the film.

New Short Film Project: Athena

Bust of Pallas Athena

Bust of Pallas Athena

After a lengthy absence obtaining rights and writing an adapted screenplay for a published Japanese short story – more to come on that soon – I’m excited to announce a new short film, Athena. The story centres on a young Greek protestor who receives an unexpected visit from the Goddess Athena as she attempts to lure him to Mount Olympus.

I’ve always been fascinated by the tropes of Greek mythology and with anti-government sentiment rife around Europe, I wanted to combine the two worlds and tell a story which falls under the charming genre of ‘magic realism’ – think Woody Allen’s The Purple Rose of Cairo or Midnight in Paris.

We’re venturing down the crowd-funding route and hoping to have a dedicated Kickstarter page launched by this time next week – so please give generously. At the moment shooting is provisionally scheduled for mid-April – in both London and Athens – and casting sessions are underway for the role of Athena. More news to follow on Kickstarter and location recces.

Film of the week: Killing Them Softly by Andrew Dominik. Violently stylised story about local mobsters and their surrounding economy.

Corsican Super 8

After a coruscating trip wondering around the scenic yet crime-ridden island that is Corsica, I shot some Super 8 footage in an attempt to capture the memories on celluloid. I shot 2 50ft reels of Ektachrome 64T Reversal film stock due to it’s colour saturation and timeless texture. Track used is Tracy (Kid Loco’s Playing With The Young Team Remix) by Mogwai. Footage link below.

A Corsican Carousal from Suni Khan on Vimeo.